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01. Ritual Union
02. Blinking Pigs
03. Sunshine
04. Feather
05. Constant Surprises
Walking Completely Backwards
This will be filled with the most random of random. I'll put up my art at times. I might even put up videos from youtube. Maybe even random pictures that God only knows where it came from.. Enjoy my randomness.
A little Goodbye..

Hey there! Person who rambles a lot is here to say goodbye. Temporarily of course. Today is my day to ship out to Fort Jackson, South Carolina. 4 days of reception and 9 weeks of… Gods only know what. After that its off to Fort Lee, Virginia. It won’t be all too bad. So, just a heads up to those that unfollow and those who follow (which I doubt will happen.. I won’t be doing anything.) in the future or now in the present. I’ll miss out on a lot of things but, I’ll be strong and cry plenty. Peace! Wish me luck!

My emotions..

I am just filled with self-doubt and anxiety. I have 5 days left and I have refused to eat and sleep.. Can’t go anywhere. Can’t do anything.


I am a mess.



The Bunny Man Bridge - The legend of the Bunny Man Bridge says that during the days of the Civil War, an asylum was built in Clifton, Virginia, creating an outburst in the towns around the area and making the institution close down. During the process of transferring the inmates to other asylums, some of them managed to escape and they hid in the woods and forests around the area. Some of them were very dangerous and delusional.

Some of these inmates were Douglas Griffen and Marcus Lawster. While the police were looking for them, they found a trail of mutilated bunnies that led into the woods to a tunnel bridge crossing a creek.

In the entrance of the tunnel Marcus was found hanging, and attached to his dead body was a note that read: “You will not find me, no matter how hard you try!” and it was signed by the Bunny Man.

The legend says that if you are brave enough and go to the tunnel around midnight, the Bunny Man will grab you, kill you and hang you from the entrance of the tunnel. Some strange cases have happened in the bridge, some of them happened Halloween night, when three teenagers, a young woman and two men were found hanging from the entrance, and all of them had a note signed by the Bunny Man. Also in 2001, six local students went to the bridge to look for the truth about the Bunny Man, but left the forest when they found various mutilated bunnies and saw a strange shadow around the forest.

tanako-kun read this !
I don’t like this..

I’m angry..
I’m crying..
Can’t get my blood pressure to go down..

Its hard having feelings.
Sorry for my complaints.




*Emerges from your ceiling*


tumblr always talks about how calming and relaxing animal crossing is but all of the posts i see about it make me think it’s played exclusively by serial killers

May or may not be an accurate assumption.

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imagine having Ellen Degeneres as your grandma

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What do strippers do when they’re on their period

What do female astronauts do when they’re on their period

what do homeless women do when they get their period

what did tribeswomen do when they got their period

what do fictional characters do when they get their period

We never even solved the first one

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She’s a ride or die.